Feel The Difference

Mud soaked trails?

impossibly steep inclines?

freezing cold starts?

John Deere Gators have proved themselves year after year as go-anywhere, dependable and reliable work vehicles. With more than 500,000 built, they’ve earned a reputation for durability and quality like no other. Fun to drive. Practical to use. You won’t find a wider choice of utility vehicles to meet your needs. You don’t have to take our word for it either. Take a ride. Feel the difference!



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Precise Performance


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Feel the Power


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Feel the Power



Please note, the below machines are quoted excluding VAT

HPX 815E 1.png

HPX 815E

FROM £12,950

  • Diesel Engine

  • Hydro formed steel frame

  • Powerful 854 cc diesel engine

  • 4-Wheel Drive

  • Full vehicle suspension​

Ready for work

Meet the HPX815E, the Gator made for the job site. Rollover protection for all-terrain work. Impressive brakes that stop on a dime. Road-ready right out of the box. Don’t take shortcuts when you don’t need to. Work smarter get HPX815E on your team!

GATOR 855M.png

XUV 855M

FROM £14,995

  • Diesel Engine

  • True On-Demand 4-Wheel Drive

  • Independent double-wishbone suspension

  • Fully enclosed CVT transmission

  • Homologation

Power Your Way Through Even The Biggest Jobs

When you work with some of the strongest animals on Earth, you need a Gator to match. That’s why we built the XUV855M, a relentless powerhouse intended for even the most demanding of environments. Pile on the feed, the tools and whatever else you’re moving—they’re no problem for this workhorse. They say an elephant never forgets, and you won’t forget the sheer force of this machine, either. Lead by example. Lead with power.

GATOR XUV 865M.png

XUV 865M

FROM £17,795

  • Diesel Engine

  • 4- Wheel Drive

  • Fully independent suspension

  • Power Steering

  • Road Homologation

  • Three person cockpit

The Ultimate In Comfort And Performance

Things can get rough in the great outdoors, so you need to be ready for anything. That’s why we designed the XUV865M with on-demand 4WD and the highest ground clearance of any of our Crossovers, freeing you to focus on what’s ahead. The enclosed cab keeps you clean and dry, whether you’re mucking through the mud or dashing across a stream. Tackle every obstacle head-on. No terrain is too much to handle

GATOR XUV 865R.png

XUV 865R

FROM £23,695

  • Diesel Engine

  • 4-Wheel Drive

  • Fully Independent Suspension

  • Power Steering: Standard

  • Road Homologation*

  • Seating Capacity: 3 (offroad only, 2 seats onroad)

  • Heating and air conditioning

As Comfortable As Work Gets

The XUV865R is the most comfortable Gator in the John Deere family. It combines the remarkable performance of the XUV835M and XUV865M cross-over utility vehicles with a wide range of additional features for even more comfort – you might just keep on working.